About Us
Oakapple was originally created to support, publish and market the work of a single artist in 1990. Through the years the company grew and flourished, gradually becoming a limited company. Oakapple Publishing added Oakapple Printing and began producing beautiful reproductions of original artwork. As with all successful companies, Oakapple (UK) Ltd matured and evolved, deciding to create a subsidiary company that would give the public the quality and service they deserved at the most competitive price and at the same time promote a wide range of artists and their art. Hence Oakapple Art was born!

Why “Oakapple”?
Most mediaeval manuscripts were written with iron gall. The recipe is interesting, and it may come as a surprise to learn that the principal ingredient is the oak apple. Oak apples are rich in tannic acids. These were roughly crushed up and infused for some days in rainwater in the sun or by the fire. Sometimes white wine or vinegar was used instead of rainwater. The next step was the addition of ferrous sulphate, found naturally by the evaporation of water from ferrous earths. The result was pale sepia coloured ink that darkens with age.
Charles the Second declared the 29th of May, the day he was crowned king of Great Britain, as Oakapple Day. His intention was to make this day a public holiday to commemorate his rescue from almost certain death by the Roundheads. He escaped by hiding in a huge oak tree situated in the grounds of Boscobel Hall in Staffordshire. True to Great British tradition the date has been subsequently completely ignored!
Legend has it that if you find an insect in the gall of an oak apple you will receive good fortune.