Do you have contact with Artists who don’t yet know about Oakapple Art? We are proposing a very simple way for you to make some money in your own time. You can make up to £100 a day by signing just 5 new artists into Oakapple Art. (All new artists are subject to our approval.)

We are interested in working artists who are actively living their dream.

It is Oakapple Art’s goal to facilitate working artists to succeed in several areas:

1.) Getting known and getting seen through the Oakapple Art website, exhibitions, art books, etc.

2.) In marketing themselves... It is very difficult for a single artist to talk about themselves and their work in the same way that someone who really appreciates them and loves their work can.

3.) In printing their work... Most artists who attempt the printing game find they end up with stacks of unsold prints in their spare room or studio, even if it is a popular print.
This is because traditional printing companies insist on large runs to make the costs viable.

Oakapple Art can assist artists in each of these areas. And YOU can be a vehicle to help us to help them! We are looking for dynamic, well spoken individuals who love art!

We will give you 10% commission of the initial Artists joining fee for every artist that fully joins Oakapple Art through you.

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