After you have purchased Original Art we will contact your artist on your behalf, giving the artist your details. He/she will contact you for confirmation of your address. This will provide personal interaction between you and your artist, something often not possible through gallery purchases. At this time postal details will be arranged. There will be a nominal fee charged covering postage and packing to deliver your painting to your required destination. Oakapple Art supports working artists, therefore we remove “the middleman”. Your artist will receive full payment for his artwork.
Our Fine Art Prints are produced on quality paper and are designed to match the artist’s original painting to the best that modern technology will provide. Oakapple Art will send your print to your home ready for framing. An embossed Oakapple Art Seal of Approval identifies each print. A Certificate of Authenticity that is signed and dated by the artist, bearing the corresponding embossed stamp, accompanies all prints. Your artist will personally send this certificate to you.

In some cases it is the artist’s desire to limit the number of prints that are made of each painting. Oakapple Art uses the same high quality technology to reproduce Limited Edition Prints as is used on our Fine Art Prints. Your Limited Edition Print will arrive bearing the next available number in the print run and the embossed Oakapple Art Seal of Approval. Oakapple Art will send your Limited Edition Print to you ready for framing.
Your artist will personally send a Certificate of Authenticity to you that is signed, dated and numbered. This Certificate of Authenticity will bear the Oakapple Art embossed seal that corresponds to your print.



We produce Canvas Prints of the highest excellence using only quality inks and canvas. Oakapple Art Canvas Prints are guaranteed not to fade between a period of fifty and seventy five years. Our Canvas Prints are designed to replicate the original painting as closely as today’s technology can achieve. Each of our Canvas Prints is embossed by the Oakapple Art

Seal of Approval. Some artists desire to limit the number of Canvas Prints that are printed of each painting. If this is the case with your selection, the next available number will be sent to you, the number being noted on the back of your print. Every Canvas Print is framed in a box frame available in your choice of three different colours. Your artist will personally send you a Certificate of Authenticity signed, dated and numbered (where applicable) bearing the Oakapple Art embossed seal to correspond with your print.